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We have 3 airports in the greater region:

* Toulouse-Blagnac: regular flights to Brussels (Brussels Airline & EasyJet), Amsterdam (KLM) and Lille (EasyJet, Ryanair & AirFrance)

* Bergerac: regular flights to Rotterdam (Transavia) and Charleroi (Ryanair)

* Bordeaux: regular flights to Lille, Brussels, Amsterdam

Yes, we are in the countryside and public transportation is not available.

You can easily rent a car at any of these airports. We like to work with, this is a portal site that lists all providers in the chosen location according to chosen criteria.

No, no pets are allowed at La Mouline.

For trained cycling fans, the rolling relief with very quiet roads is a dream course. For others, this is usually too high. However, electric bicycles can be rented in a nearby village. It is also possible to cycle on flat roads near water, this is the case in Moissac and Villeneuve – sur – Lot.

Spring has a summer allure pretty early on. Between early April and late June: temperatures fluctuate between 16 and 24°C. Ideal hiking weather !

July and August are months of intense sunshine. Average daily temperature 26°C to 28°C. At night it cools down well ! So you can sleep blissfully, moreover we have virtually no problems with annoying mosquitoes!

Autumn often brings an “indian summer” – very often lots of sunshine ! Max temperatures in Sept from 21°C to 25°C. October is also very mild, averaging 16 to 19°C.

In the sun it is always wonderfully warm. Even i winter you can feel the sun burning on your skin. Several times already we were able to barbecue on New Year !